the suspects

There are four suspects, click on the one you want to talk to. 

They will tell 4 facts - 2 about themselves and 2 about the neighbor on the right. Not all of them will be true, but you have a TRUTH-O-METER that shows how many true facts the suspect said. As a result, we need to draw up a report on who is guilty of what crime, indicating in green icons with the appropriate place, weapon and time of the crime. After you finish, press the red button on your TRUTH-O-METER to send the correct result. 

Good luck, policeman ;)

ps. This is my very first game jam and i'm waiting for any feedback, thanks)

pps. For those of you who want to see the end of this game here is the link (Win64):

ppps. Never trust indexes in array which was created via GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag!!! 


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Very good game but i couldn't find how my answers are false, i checked 30 times and it was all good

This is really fun albeit hard to learn how to play. Great idea and the gameplay is perfect!

Glad to read your kind words) Yay, Mama will be proud of me!)